Tampah Hills


Tampah Hills and the Seaside Society lies in a fantastic location, overlooking one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in southern Lombok, Indonesia. The lush, green hillside spreads out over approx 100 hectares and the views are sensational. The sunrises are magical. And the white sand beach, with mellow surfing waves, is only a short walk away.

Every piece of land is ready to build, and they offer exclusive villas, sustainably designed and constructed, with world-class quality. More than half of the total area will be recreation areas reserved for Tampah Hills residents and their guests. Tampa hills are planning green areas, botanical gardens, rice fields as well as tennis- and beach volley courts, a skate park – even a downhill mountain bike track through the jungle. Since most of the investors are entrepreneurs, there will be a world-class co-working space where all investors are guaranteed a spot.

“We are investing heavily in the entrepreneurial part and we see ourselves as a future mini-Silicon Valley in the tropics. By constructing a fully equipped coworking space, which we see as a bit like a startup hub, we create great networking opportunities for the owners. 

Everyone gets free access to it, and the idea is that it will be a natural place to work and start new projects from. It will also be open to the public to rent office places, says Jakob Johansson Lombok CEO of the project.

Tampah Hills is more than an investment; this is a lifestyle opportunity for anyone wanting to escape, for shorter or extended periods, while still being very connected with the world. The Seaside Society will offer a network of individuals and families, building a creative, active and ecologically responsible community.

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