Orzone provides e-learning and advanced simulation technology to support and facilitate clinical training and assessment worldwide. It also provides services for Medical societies and Medical university solutions. They have a range of tools starting from digital examinations to advanced medical simulations. Orzone partners with medical societies, hospitals, universities and other healthcare stakeholders to provide solutions that improve the knowledge skills and professionalism of clinicians accelerating them on their path from student to recognized expert.

The company has identified a number of areas critical to societies, boards, authorities, industry companies, hospitals, universities and large training organizations – each niche being critical for overall success in education processes. They use a combination of proprietary services and partner services that are best in class to provide tangible benefits.

The clients demand the very best service to provide maximum educational value, so the products are designed to target high-stakes processes in medical education. Orzone draws experience from managing medical projects across all continents of the world to provide and deliver the best value possible.

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