Forward Together

Business angels, start-up supporters, or private equity investors? Over the years we’ve been called many things, but our offer is pretty simple. Through experience in entrepreneurship and business development, we help companies grow and scale-up. But we can also be the silent partner that adds financial support to help you reach your goals faster.

What we do

What we do

What we do

For us, investment is more than just a transaction of capital. Free from the typical investors’ demands of financial reports and return on investment, we can tailor profitable relationships based on mutual conditions. Because what’s best for you and your company is usually what’s best for us. This creates value and security in the partnership beyond just capital. And above all, you will get a trusted, senior partner with experience, competence and a broad network from having built several successful businesses from scratch.

Since we invest our own hard-earned capital and time, our determination for your business to succeed comes naturally. And as private investors, our independence means that we can be more flexible and engaged in our partnerships. We can assist in exploring untapped markets, utilize existing resources or help find new solutions to old problems. Or we can just be a passive partner and offer help when needed. So if you’re in need of an investor with an entrepreneurial focus – and if we believe in you and your company – we might be a match.


Experienced Partner

As entrepreneurs we can relate to all stages of a company’s growth. Our experience in business development adds strategic value – helping us reach our goals faster.


Faithful Friend

If we have invested in you and your company, that means we believe you have the skills to run it. We always like to see ourselves as supporters – not demanders.


Flexible Investor

Scale up and make a fast exit? Or maybe in it for the long run? As long as we are transparent and share the same goals in our partnership – we’re flexible.